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Christian Hands Academy




We have been home-schooling our children for several years now and when the community continued to request admission,  we seriously began to consider the needs of the ORPHANED and DESTITUTE children who are often overlooked in the Public Schools.  The current status of Private Schools is 60 children to 1 teacher.  They cannot go to school unless they can buy a uniform, black shoes, school fees and school supplies, therefore they are not guaranteed an education.  

EXAMPLE:  I just received 3 children who had been abandoned by their mother.  The Children's Court had been looking for her for over a year so they called me.  I immediately said 'yes'.  As we processed them into Christian Hands Children's Home, we learned that the older sister age 10, had not been to school  for a year.  She is a very bright girl who deserves a future and you can only have a good one with an education.  

We have opened our doors to the community and our fees are just enough to cover the teacher's salaries, so your help is very much needed because the parents sometimes cannot pay and we don't send the child out to collect money that is not there.  SO, WON'T YOU GIVE US A HAND UP???


Bed and Board Provided

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