Missionary Green began her ministry while serving in Belize, Central America with a VBS Team from Austin, Texas.  As time went on she sought God for a specific Foreign Mission assignment because when she would return to Austin, she felt so un-involved in the 'Gospel of Jesus Christ'.  Then in 1996 God gave her the opportunity to travel to Kenya East Africa to par- ticipate in a Pastors' Conference in Meru.  As the conference ended her calling was complete when a little girl held her hand.  As she looked down at the her beautiful smile she could not help but to see an 8 year old child with a large tattered sweater and torn skirt.  Her shoes were so worn that they were now slippers.  It was confirmed later that night when satan tried to killer her.  She has never regretted answering her Macedonian Call.

Since April 2000 we have served more than 1,008,000 meals;

*Provides a home to 40 orphans daily;

​*Have provided an education to more than 500 children across Kenya;

*Have carried 216- 70 pound boxes of      clothing, shoes, toys. books and BIBLES to children across Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and soon Congo.

Missionary Martha Green

​Ministry from July 1992 - Present

Our founder



Just send me an email stating your desire to come and allow God to use your talents and gifts for the benefit of his Kingdom and the lives of a child who has no parents....zionoutreach2013@gmail.com


There are millions of orphans around the world but God has called me to Africa.  They are used and abused when they have lost their 'mothers'.  It is our vision to educate as many as possible, care for their health making sure that they have a good start once they graduate from High School or College.

Foundation History


We receive children from the Children's Courts, Well-Wishers, Pastors and as we meet them in the streets.  They must show proof of the death or loss of their parents or mother.

Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!